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Since our inception, Advanced Digital Systems
has been totally focused on building a strategic service offering, with individuality for the customer.

Keeping pace with the rate of technology changes is a staggering task.  Everyday hundreds of changes and improvements flood the market to make your Voice and Data network faster, stronger and more secure.  Keeping up with these changes requires a true technology partner.  ADS wants to be that partner and provide Managed IT Services. 


Our approach and goal is to be your complete source for technology support. Most companies usually can offer just one or two aspects needed by customers.  Some do procurement well, other do technical service well, still others handle communications well.  At ADS we've integrated these skills-sets into one company.

Sergio Arce "Jr"
Technology Engineer
Sergio Arce "Sr"
Installation Engineer
The Team
Our assistants

With more than 25 years of Technology and Business startup experience, "Jr", has created a product offering, individualized for each customer.  No project is to complex or service call to small, "Jr is always up for a challenge.

With more than 30 year from what at we know today as Verizon Telecommunication, "Sr" has seen it all.  From Residential to Commercial, he can plan any install for any project.

Our Team members always look forward to assisting you.

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