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Smart Home Tech can Reassure Parents

Alleviate stress with new tools that help you keep kids safe and streamline your day. What if you could keep a better eye on things when you're not physically there?  Here are some ways to use smart home technology to simplify daily routines, and minimize stress knowing the kids are safe.


Want to make your home a smart home. Check out and contact us today

Start with a Hub

A hub is like the brain of your home tech and connects to your router, allowing devices like locks, thermostats and lighting to communicate with one another.  The hub can send notifications to your mobile phone, so you can monitor and control your home remotely. JOSH is an intuitive AI for the home. Easily control and monitor what you care about using your preferred device or by speaking, from your bedroom or halfway around the world.


Scenes are an easy way to sync smart devices to perform a series of actions that make life more convenient. For example, you can wake your kids with a “good morning” scene that turns lights on and plays music via Josh Micro.

Worried about energy bills? Keep kids from cranking the air after school with a smart thermostat like nest, which lets you control the temperature throughout the day.

Finish the day with a “good night scene,” that shuts off lights, lowers the temperature, closes the blinds, locks the doors and arms the security system.

Think Safety

 Your smart home can keep a watchful eye on kids. Smart door locks like Schlage or Kwikset eliminate the need for kids to keep track of housekeys, and let you know if they forget to lock the door when they leave. When they get home, you’ll receive a notification letting you know they’ve arrived safely.

Furture-Proof Your Tech

Smart home tech doesn’t have to be expensive; you can start small with a hub and a few devices and add more as your needs change. Just be sure all your devices can talk to one another now and in the future. 

Want to make your home a smart home.
Check out and contact us today

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