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How to take your small business into the 21st Century of Technology.

It is just easier to keep things the way they are because it is how you have always done them.  Times are a changing...Here are some ideas on bringing your small business into the 21st Century of Tech. 

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Integration is a great starting point

Upgrading software is a pain but if you are planning to upgrade the best advice we can give is choose software that integrates with other systems.  Choose software that can connect to other applications, this will provide a bigger victory for your business than just upgrading a legacy system.

Automate, automate, automate

Companies are upgrading systems and at the same time looking for something that can migrate to the cloud. To get the most out of an upgrade, choose automating things that you do manually and are repetitive tasks for your business, and you will be way ahead of the game.

Move to the Cloud

To reduce maintenance costs and increase accessibility for small and medium-sized businesses for enterprise resource planning, accounting, inventory management and e-commerce, it is wise to move to a cloud software. A cloud ERP is a great solution to manage all business needs.

Hosted Exchange Email

I know we have killed this topic but again Hosted Exchange provides highly stable, secure, platforms that put the responsibility for maintenance, security and service on the provider. This will free up both time and capital for a small business.


Insufficiency of security has become a critical point for the technology- driven world we all now live in. In the past security was viewed as something nice to have or something that can be added when needed. Everyone is learning that hard way that security must be a major part of every technology and application that we use, and it cannot be left in the dust to cut costs. It will cost more if you wait for a disaster to occur. 


SaaS (Software as a Service) provides business an new way to standard software installation options. It comes at a lower cost, is instantly ready to use. SaaS typically are on the cloud environment, this allows for scalability and integration with other SaaS. It also allows for upgrades to be simpler and more cost effective.

Check with your current vendor

Not sure how to implement all of this, if you are happy with the vendor you are currently using, there is a good chance that they will have a cloud-based option that you can upgrade to. Contact them first for options. 

Need help getting to the 21st Century?

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