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Why is Hosted Exchange better for small businesses than Gmail?

Yes, we know Gmail is great; easy to use, design is simple, rarely goes offline and is cheap. But...really it is designed for personal use. It is not necessarily the right choice when you need a secure small business email system you can rely on to never go down. 

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What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is a service where a provider makes a Microsoft e-mail box and space available on a server so its clients can host their data on the server. The provider manages the hosted data for their clients.

Hosted Exchange IS more Secure than Gmail

Hosted Exchange accounts come with security measures that prevent hackers from gaining control of your email accounts.  This prevents both your company and clients from the cyber security threats we have been discussing over and over again. Hosted Exchange also includes filtering that prevents spam from reaching your inbox or being sent to your client list. 

With personal accounts like Gmail, you could find yourself buried under a ton of spam emails that prevent you from responding efficiently with your clients.  

Hosted exchange has other capabilities like Encryption which is very important for data security especially for businesses that must comply with the security regulations for HIPPA

Custom Domain

With all businesses small and large, branding is a big part of the success of the business.  With a Hosted Exchange accounting you can purchase you own your own domain which can be a part of your email address rather than have a generic webmail address like as your calling card.  You are more recognizable to prospects and clients. Google for Business mail accounts do allow for custom domains which is called the gsuite, but if you have a free email account custom domains are not allowed. 

Real Human Support

Yes we know Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are free but, you will NOT get the human support you will get with a legitimate Hosted Exchange provider like Advanced Digital System.  You will always have access to our support technicians and any email issues will be addressed and resolved by us in a timely manner. Issues could include lost or deleted emails (by accident), emails not getting to certain clients, spam blocking, we can help track down the issues quickly and resolve by speaking to a live person on the phone.  

Hosted Exchange vs. Gmail using Outlook client.

In most cases, business are using outlook as their email client program.  There are some major feature differences in outlook when you have a Hosted Exchange vs. Gmail account. 

  1. Permissions and delegation - With Google Mail, the user cannot share mail, contact folders, calendars and cannot assign permissions and access to others.  With Hosted exchange you can. 

  2. Mail Tracking and Receipts - Google mail does not allow delivery receipts but in Hosted Exchange it does allow.

  3. Share User Calendars - Outlook users cannot share calendars if using Google Apps back-end and cannot delegate permissions for other users to manage their calendars. 

  4. Distribution Lists and Groups - No support for syncing of groups and distribution lists with Google Gmail. No support for multiple contact lists. 

  5. Unified & Multiple Views - Gmail has only a conversation view for mail. Outlook has multiple views like AutoPreview. 

  6. Unified Communication (voice mail, SMS/Text, IM, RSS feeds) - Gmail does not offer inbox management of other communication types other than email exchange does. 

and More...

What can ADS do to help?

ADS is here to help.  We can migrate your current email to hosted exchange.  Create a more secure environment, manage and support your hosted email and will always be a phone call or text away. 

Learn more and switch to Hosted Exchange today!

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Hosted Exchange
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