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Tips for better search results in Outlook!

A big problem with email searching is that it returns way to many results making it hard to find what you are looking for.  Here are some simple tips to narrow your search criteria to optimize outlook searching. 

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Searching Basics

In outlook you can type, phrases, operators, punctuation and keywords to help narrow searches. We all know the most basic search is to type a word or phrase. Outlook then uses "prefix matching" So if you type Mel into the search box, Outlook results will include all messages that contain Mel in the beginning of a word Mel, Melissa, Melvin, Melody, but not Smell or Enamel. 


Outlook scans both email messages and many types of attachments for the word or phrase that you type in the Search box. This can make the search just as hard as looking through your full mailbox. For example, if you search for Port, with or without quotes, Outlook will find all messages with the word Port, Ports, Portability, Portrait etc. anywhere in either the Sender name, subject, message body, or attachments.

When you type in an email address like, outlook results will include all messages that contain that email address anywhere in the subject, message, body, or many types of attachments as well as any messages from that email address.  To limit your search to only include from an email address you should type 

Use Outlook's built-in search filters

Outlook does provide many search filters that are built-in.  To use these filters, click in the Search box. The outlook ribbon will change now to show you the Search Tools tab. Use any of the options in the refine group to refine your search results.  


Click here to learn more about how to use outlook's built-in search filters.

Search Reference Table

Below is a table that shows some examples you might find useful to narrow your searches.  You can also use AND, NOT, OR, <, >, =, and other operations to refine your service.  Make sure that operators should be typed in uppercase letters.


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